Vocational training

For young people - subsequent to their qualifying junior high school degree (the so-called
“qualifizierenden Hauptschulabschluss”) - we offer the possibility for qualification as a skilled worker.
This special vocational training is based on the German dual system (practical training and
academic education) and lasts 3 ½ years.

The following qualifications can be achieved:

- Lathe operator/turner (m,f) (field of automatic lathe systems)
- Lathe operator/turner (m,f) (field of CNC lathe systems)
- Toolmaker (m,f) (field of punching and forming technology)
- Industrial mechanic (m,f) (field of machine technology and Systems engineering)
- Machine and system operator (m,f) (emphasis on metalworking)

After successful completion of the technician examination and a minimum of three years' practical
experience in this job there is the option of taking an examination for the master craftsman's
certificate or further training as a technician.