Our state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified staff means that we guarantee our customers the best quality and adherence to delivery dates daily.

Our company has automatic multi-spindle lathes with passage diameters of between 8 and 51 millimetres, fine turning lathes and vertical turning centres for complete processing of chuck parts.

Our assembly-ready precision turned parts, which are made from all types of steel including stainless steel, and aluminium, are produced individually in line with the customer‘s drawings or DIN (German industry standards).

You can, of course, receive your components including heat Treatment and surface treatment from us. Treatments include: tempering, nitriding, galvanising, zinc-nickel plating, Delta Tone, Geomet, anodising, KTL coating.

The following machines are used during the turning process:

- 6 – 8 cam-controlled automatic spindle lathes of the type Gildemeister & Schütte
- full CNC multi- automatic spindle lathes of the type Gildemeister and Index
- automatic CNC lathes of the type Gildemeister, Spinner, EMCO, Kummer, Biglia